[VIDEO] How To Begin With Datajournalism Tips from ICIJ

Organization, tools, collaboration... Here are a few tips from Mar Cabra, editor of the Data and Research Unit at the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. She has been part of the two major cross-border investigations of LuxLeaks and SwissLeaks. Cabra also teaches data journalism in her native Spain, where she also organizes other datajournalism activities.

I met her in Brussels during the News Impact Summit, 24 february 2015, where she gave a presentation of how dealing with leaked or sensitive files.

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Datajournalism Work Flow

"The split is roughly 70% tidying up the data, 30% doing the fun stuff of visualising and presenting it. So, how do we get through that 70%?"

Published on Guardian Data, by Simon Rogers, data journalist & data editor at Google.

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